Wolseley UK, Melmerby

Wolseley UK is the UK’s number one distributor of heating and plumbing products and a leading supplier of construction materials to the professional market. Its Melmerby site is one of five distribution centres in the UK.

We were tasked with replacing all the existing inefficient lighting fittings with a more environmentally friendly and cost effective LED solution.

We agreed to run a small pilot scheme in one of the loading areas to illustrate the potential cost saving and levels of improvement to the lighting that could be achieved.

Prior to the scheduled replacement of the lights, an energy usage reader was installed on-site to monitor the electricity use on an hourly basis, establishing the return-on-investment made in the following weeks, months and years.

The installation took seven weeks and consisted of replacing all fluorescent fittings (internal and external) and all high and low bay flood lights throughout the centre.


One of the major challenges our team faced was installing the new high bay lights at a height of 15 metres to produce lighting levels which met the guidelines for a warehouse lighting environment. Selective positioning for all the lights was essential to avoid glare for forklift (reach truck) operators.

The installation of PIR sensors that activate the lights at this height was also something that had to be overcome. We are potentially the first company to successfully install PIR sensors at 15 metres.


The replacement of traditional fluorescent lights has enhanced all areas of the centre. The addition of PIR sensors has seen the site usage fall from 24 hours a day to an average of 2.5 hours a day over a 5 days a week.

Other benefits include the centre now using 80% less energy on lighting, reducing energy costs by roughly 74%. All of this work contributes to the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from energy consumption by 30% in the next three years.