The Plumb Center/Parts Center, Hertfordshire, UK

The Plumb Center/Parts Center in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK is one of over 800 branches throughout the UK, specialising in domestic central heating, plumbing, drainage and bathroom supplies. We won the tender for replacing the existing inefficient lighting fittings with a more environmentally friendly and cost effective LED solution.

After an initial survey, ourselves and our installation partner PML were commissioned to replace the existing fluorescent light fittings in all areas, including the customer counter area and the mezzanine warehouse.

A week prior to the scheduled replacement of the lights, an energy usage reader was installed on-site to monitor the electricity use on an hourly basis, establishing the return-on-investment made in the following weeks, months and years.

The installation consisted of replacing modular fittings, traditional fluorescent tubes and emergency lighting fittings with LED lights throughout the center.


One of the major challenges our team faced was installing the new LED lights during trading hours. We worked around a steady flow of customers over the course of the installation, ensuring health and safety practices for public areas were maintained at all times.


The replacement of traditional fluorescent lights has enhanced all areas of the center. The brighter LED tubes now illuminate even the darkest areas in the warehouse, and the customer counter area also benefits from the brighter white light, making the space more inviting to customers.

Other benefits include the center now using 75% less energy on lighting and saving 53% on total energy consumption. All going towards the company’s overall carbon reduction commitment.

The entire installation was carried out by our approved installer PML, and took just under a full working day to complete – on time and within budget.