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The Plumb Center/Parts Center, Hertfordshire, UK

The Plumb Center/Parts Center in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK is one of over 800 branches throughout the UK, specialising in domestic central heating, plumbing, drainage and bathroom supplies. We won the tender for replacing the existing inefficient lighting fittings with a more...


High lumen, high specification and ready for the high street.



Like you, our commitment to customer service together with a focus on providing quality products is at the heart of our proposition. So it’s no surprise that we design our feature lights with your business in mind. We’re here to ensure your products steal the limelight and capture customer attention.


But we also want to save you money. And our LED solutions guarantee both financial and environmental savings. Let our cutting-edge technology enhance your retail environment. We offer low energy, high lumen, high specification feature lights with Xicato LED chip options to complement your products and your customers. Ideal for cosmetic displays, Xicato LEDs naturally illuminate skin tones to provide the perfect lighting environment to experiment with colour palettes.    


Colour consistency is vital in a retail environment. From changing room to check out we’ll optimally tailor your lighting to guarantee the best results for your business, beyond the capabilities of traditional fluorescent tubes. Our LED shop lights promise optimum brightness combined with energy efficiency and RELUX lighting design at no extra cost. With a range of dimming options including DALi, mains and 1-10V, you can choose the light level to suit your requirements.


All our products are thoroughly tested for 48 hours before being dispatched and therefore experience a less than 3% failure rate. They also come with a 5 year limited warranty as standard. The high quality of our LED products mean that maintenance over their average life-span of 50,000 hours is minimised. 

Leasing is available on all our products over a 3 to 5 year period resulting in instant savings. In most cases the monthly leasing payment works out to be less than the monthly saving on energy, following traditional product replacement.


Learn more about LED technology for retail, contact our team on +44(0)203 1740 316 or


Retail lighting applications includes:

  • Instore lighting
  • Display lighting
  • Changing rooms
  • Window displays
  • Fashion lighting
  • Facades



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