QET8S - T8 fast fit tube

QET8S - T8 fast fit tube


Specifically designed and engineered by QE Global to solve the universal fitting problem when replacing fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights.

With the QET8S, there’s no need to modify your existing installation, simply fit the tube and turn it on, even with a high-frequency/electrical ballast.* Manufactured using the highest grade materials with adjustable pins to change angles where necessary. Designed to provide a high light output, it is a genuine alternative to fluorescent tubes.

*For mechanical ballasts, we recommend simply removing starter.

Technical specs: 

LED quantity
2ft=162pcs | 3ft=243pcs | 4ft=315pcs | 5ft=396pcs | 6ft=477pcs

Lumen output
2ft=935lm | 3ft=1,360lm | 4ft=1,700lm | 5ft=1,955lm | 6ft=2,125lm

Input voltage
85V to 280V

50Hz to 60Hz

2ft=11W | 3ft=16W | 4ft=20W | 5ft=25W | 6ft=29W

Colour temperatures
3,500K | 3,600K (Pink) | 4,200K | 6,000K

Beam spread

Operating temperatures
–25˚C to +60˚C | -13˚F to +140˚F (humidity 15% to 70%)

Ø1.2in x 2ft (30mm x 605mm) | 3ft (910mm) | 4ft (1,215mm)
5ft (1,515mm) | 6ft (1,778mm)

Main materials
Aluminium | V0 rated polycarbonate

Diffuser options
Milky | Clear

Life span
50,000 hours


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