QET8 - T8 tube

QET8 - T8 tube

Designed to offer flexibility for multiple environments, the QET8 is a traditional LED tube light with adjustable pins to change angles where necessary. Robust, reliable and reputable with a 5 year warranty as standard.

Our Led tube lights are also available in ‘true pink’ to complement a retail meat display.

Technical specs: 

LED quantity
2ft=162pcs | 3ft=243pcs | 4ft=315pcs | 5ft=396pcs | 6ft=477pcs

Lumen output*
2ft=1,045lm | 3ft=1,520lm | 4ft=1,900lm | 5ft=2,185lm | 6ft=2,375lm

Input voltage
110V to 250V

50Hz to 60Hz

2ft=11W | 3ft=16W | 4ft=20W | 5ft=23W | 6ft=25W

Colour temperatures
3,500K | 3,600K (Pink) | 4,200K | 6,000K

Beam spread

Operating temperatures
–25˚C to +60˚C | -13˚F to +140˚F (humidity 15% to 70%)

Ø1.2in x 2ft (30mm x 605mm) | 3ft (910mm) | 4ft (1,215mm) | 5ft (1,515mm) | 6ft (1,778mm)

Main materials
Aluminium | V0 rated polycarbonate

Diffuser options
Milky | Clear

Life span
50,000 hours

* Figures are approximate and are based on a 5ft model that has been independently tested in the UK by
Photometric & Optical Testing Services.


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Photometric test report: 

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