QEM3 - Emergency pack

QEM3 - Emergency pack

The QEM3 Emergency Pack is designed to accomodate a wide variety of LED lights and fittings available on the market. It automatically adjusts the LED output to maximise the balance between the battery and load, providing the brightest light without draining the battery. The pack’s battery is designed to provide emergency lighting for a three hour period. Bespoke units are available upon request.


The QEM3 is supplied as standard with the following parts:

  • 5mm green charge healthy LED indicator and mounting collar.
  • T1 NiCd Cell battery.
  • AMP irreversible battery connector.


Technical specs: 

Input voltage
230V to 240V

Operating temperatures
-25˚C to +60˚C | -13˚F to +140˚F (humidity 15% to 70%)

Case: 235mm x 52mm x 31mm | Battery: 230mm x 40mm x 40mm (to suit Ø60mm)


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Photometric test report: 

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