QELLP-IPHL - IP66 high lumen long batten

QELLP-IPHL - IP66 high lumen long batten


Whether wall or ceiling mounted this traditional fluorescent batten replacement is ideal for use up to 6m. Designed with poly carbonate casing to click in place for easy installation, the QELLP-IPHL offers a slim and sleek design with high lumen output and is IP66 rated for external use if required.


Our long LED ceiling lights Ideal for use in a variety of high ceiling environments such as cold and freezer room lighting, refrigeration equipment, workshops, warehousing and multi-story carparks.

Technical specs: 

Lumen output*
2ft=2,850lm | 3ft=3,990lm | 4ft=5,472lm | 5ft=6,612 | 6ft=7,752lm

Input voltage
85V to 264V

55Hz to 60Hz

2ft=25W | 3ft=35W | 4ft=48W | 5ft=58W | 6ft=68W

Colour temperatures
4,200K | 5,000K  | 6,000K

Beam angle

Operating temperatures
–30˚C to +50˚C   |   -22˚F to +122˚F

1.5ft (450mm) | 2ft (615mm) | 3ft (910mm) | 4ft (1,219mm) | 5ft (1,520mm) | 6ft (1,800mm)

Main materials
Aluminium | V0 rated polycarbonate

Diffuser options

Life span 
50,000 hours

*Figures are approximate and are based on a 4ft model that has been independently tested in the UK by
Photometric & Optical Testing Services.


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Photometric test report: 

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