QEGFL - Undershelf / T5 tube

QEGFL - Undershelf / T5 tube

Ideal for the catering industry and in retail food environments, the QEGFL can be mounted in recessed lighting to create mood or directional lighting as well as general lighting from domestic kitchens to commercial refrigeration. It's also designed to link together to utilise a single power source in long runs.

Our undershelf LED lights are also available in 2ft to 6ft lengths.

Technical specs: 

Lumen output
2ft=765lm | 3ft=1,105lm | 4ft=1,615lm | 5ft=2,125lm | 6ft=2,465lm

Input voltage
110V to 250V

50Hz to 60Hz

2ft=9W | 3ft=13W | 4ft=19W | 5ft=25W | 6ft=29W

Colour temperatures
3,500K  | 4,200K | 6,000K

Beam spread

Operating temperatures
-10˚C to +45˚C | +14˚F to +113˚F (humidity 10% to 80%)

2ft (570mm) | 3ft (870mm) | 4ft (1,170mm) | 5ft (1,470mm) | 6ft (1,770mm)

Main materials
Aluminium | V0 rated polycarbonate

Diffuser options

Life span 
50,000 hours


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