QEG light leasing

Don’t let the thought of upfront investment be a barrier to reducing operational expenditure – Introducing QEG Light Leasing, a simple way to spread your financial outlay with £0 upfront capital required.


How QEG Light Leasing works

Step 1

We conduct a free site survey to determine your requirements

Step 2

We provide a suitable lighting design and installation quote

Step 3

Following approval of quote we proceed with the paperwork

Step 4

Leasing documents will be provided for completion

Step 5

We supply and install our LED lights

Step 6

You start saving energy and money


At the end of the agreed 3 to 5 year term, transfer of ownership of any LED lighting equipment is subject to a nominal administration fee payable to QE Global Ltd.





Why choose leasing?


QEG Light Leasing is more tax efficient than buying outright with all payments being deductible from corporation tax. And it looks better on your balance sheet than a depreciating purchase. Also, in the majority of cases the monthly leasing payment works out to be less than the monthly saving on energy following traditional product replacement.


All our LED lighting products are available for QEG Light Leasing over a 3 to 5 year term. Opting for our leased plan will give you an instant return on savings, reducing your carbon footprint and improving lighting levels.


There are government-backed incentives available with financing options through the Carbon Trust and Salix Funding. In addition, businesses can take advantage of the tax allowances through the ECA Scheme.


To find out how you could save more with QEG Light Leasing than you spend, call our UK sales team on +44(0)203 1740 316 or email lightleasing@qeglobal.com.


QEG Light Leasing advantages


†Light equipment financing is solely undertaken by an independent leasing company whom QE Global Ltd works in conjunction with to provide a leasing service over the chosen term of any agreement.
At the end of a term, transfer of ownership of any light equipment is subject to a nominal administration charge payable to QE Global Ltd.
All leasing proposals made under this service are subject to status and credit approval by the independent leasing company who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for certain types of consumer credit lending and credit related activities that are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.


*Please refer to our limited warranty policy. Full terms and conditions apply.

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