QE750LD - Street head

QE750LD - Street head


The ultimate in heavy duty traditional street heads, producing a wide beam spread and an intensity that is ideal for use on commercial sites, walkways, residential streets, public highways and pedestrian areas.  The QE750LD - Street head an ideal LED street lighting solution.

Technical specs: 

LED quantity

Lumen output
40W=3,200lm |  50W=4,000lm | 60W=4,800lm | 70W=5,600lm | 80W=6,400lm | 90W=7,200lm | 100W=8,000lm | 120W=9,600lm | 140W=11,200lm

Input voltage
AC 85V to 265V | DC 12/24 (AC=In & DC=Out)

50Hz to 60Hz

40W | 50W | 60W | 70W | 80W | 90W | 100W | 120W | 140W

Colour temperatures
2,700K | 4,200K | 5,000K

Beam spread

Operating temperatures
–40˚C to +55˚C | –40˚F to +131˚F

740mm x 420mm x 180mm (29.1in x 16.5in x 7.1in)

Main materials
Aluminium | Tempered glass

Diffuser options

Life span 
50,000 hours


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