Portman Mansions, UK

Portman Mansions, built in the late 19th Century, is a prestigious red bricked building housing a suite of luxury apartments situated in the heart of London’s W1, a stone’s throw from Marylebone High Street, Regents Park and the West End.

Working in partnership with Metrix Interiors, we replaced all existing light fittings with our energy efficient, multi-purpose LED lighting solutions and housings.

Metrix Interiors awarded us the contract based upon our ability to provide LED lighting solutions that were not only priced competitively, but were also superior in quality, leading to lower failure rates than our competitors. In addition we were able to deliver shorter lead-times and project manage the works to ensure the install was executed to plan, and to deadline within the parameters set by our partner.


One of the major challenges our team faced was a shorter than average survey and installation period. We worked closely with the architect to achieve the look they desired and design of layout, we supplied all of the fittings and the installation was carried out successfully within a strict timescale of only two weeks.

Planning for and being adaptable to an installation within the confines of the 19th century building was also something that our team overcame. Certain ceiling void restrictions meant we had to be agile and supply adapted QE Global solutions that complemented the rest of our lighting.


Replacing the conventional halogen and fluorescent lights with our LED spot and under shelf lights has enhanced all areas of the apartment and saved an average of 85% on the owner’s lighting energy usage.

The initial lighting energy usage figures following the installation showed the entire apartment was only 0.9kw compared with over 6kw using the conventional lighting.