Outdoor lighting


Durable, energy saving and robust LEDs for street and outdoor lighting. 


When you’re investing in outdoor lighting, you want quality that will last and that will also survive the elements.


Our outdoor lighting is not only energy efficient but it requires minimal maintenance. It also requires minimal user-management. Our efficient PIR sensors automatically turn lights off when a room is no longer occupied, minimising carbon emissions, saving energy and dramatically reducing your utility bills.

Our contemporary designs offer consistent uniformity of light through their wide angle chip arrays and ergonomics, while also saving 80% energy. And that’s not the only saving. Where conventional HPS lighting requires a bulb change approx. every two years, you can make huge savings with our high level installations that reduce maintenance costs.

Designed to use photocells and timers, our outdoor LEDs achieve maximum savings. Complete with DALi dimming solutions our outdoor lighting is perfect for operating in the ‘small hours’ as light levels are reduced. Our LEDs also use PIR and Microwave motion detectors to offer an optimum solution in energy saving.

Choose from a selection of durable coatings to suit your surroundings including anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance, ideal for coastal locations, and a range of RGB options for most external applications. IP65-IP68 fittings are also available.


Learn more about LED technology for outdoor, contact our team on +44(0)203 1740 316 or sales@qeglobal.co.uk


Outdoor lighting applications includes:

  • Street lighting
  • Car parking lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Park lighting
  • Security and warehouse lighting
  • General public area lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Motorway and dual carriageway lighting
  • Arena and sports lighting
  • Parks and plazas lighting
  • Bridges, monuments, facades and much much more



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