Office lighting


Bright, modern and with a natural light effect, ideal for the office environment.


As an employer, the wellbeing and productivity of your staff is paramount. You want to provide lighting that enhances the working environment of colleagues and visitors and one that’s also cost-effective.


Our office lighting is not only energy efficient but it requires minimal maintenance. It also requires minimal user-management. Our efficient PIR sensors automatically turn lights off when a room is no longer occupied, minimising carbon emissions, saving energy and dramatically reducing your utility bills.

Ideal for all offices, meeting and board rooms our no flicker studio and ceiling LEDs provide distraction-free lighting helping to keep minds alert, fresh and active for longer. Offering increased lighting with less fittings plus DALi, mains and 1-10v dimming compatibility, you can choose the right light level to suit your requirements.

From modern office spaces to historic listed buildings, we can accommodate constructions of all ages, sizes and shapes to ensure your lighting meets your criteria without additional costs.


Leasing is available on all our products over a 3 to 5 year period resulting in instant savings. In most cases the monthly leasing payment works out to be less than the monthly saving on energy, following traditional product replacement.


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Office lighting applications includes:

  • Restaurant lighting
  • Reception area
  • Private office
  • Open office areas
  • Meeting room
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Break room and areas
  • Future offices



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