Marley’s independent butchers

Marley’s independent butchers is situated in the busy Spencer Hall Indoor Market in Stockton-On-Tees, UK. We won the tender for replacing the existing inefficient lighting, with the aim of increasing visibility of the products, offering a more environmentally friendly and cost effective LED solution. 

The project was commissioned by J&M Refrigeration. The main reason for the installation was to increase the visibility of merchandise on display. Marley’s have a reputation for quality and wanted to improve the way their products were displayed to reflect this.

The installation consisted of replacing modular fittings and traditional fluorescent tubes with LED lights throughout the premises.


One of the major challenges our team faced was installing the new LED lights during trading hours. We worked around a steady flow of customers over the course of the installation, ensuring health and safety practices for public areas were maintained at all times.


The replacement of traditional fluorescent lights has enhanced all areas of the premises. The brighter LED units have improved the working areas as well as the customer counter area, which now benefits from brighter white light, making the space more inviting to customers.

The entire installation was carried out by our approved installer PML, and took just three working days to complete – on time and within budget.