London Heathrow, UK

London Heathrow handles approximately 70 million passengers, flying to 170 destinations worldwide each year.

We have developed an ongoing partnership to replace existing light fittings with our environmentally friendly and cost effective LED lighting solutions throughout the airport.

London Heathrow awarded us a hard-won ‘Approved Supplier’ status based upon our ability to provide LED lighting solutions that were not only priced competitively, but were also superior in quality, leading to lower failure rates than our competitors’. In addition we were able to deliver shorter lead-times.

The installation has taken two years to date and has consisted of replacing all fluorescent/halogen lights (internal and external) throughout the airport’s various terminals, administration offices, entrances, lifts and airfield facilities, including the T3 Skybridge.


Many of the existing fittings represented considerable historical investment by the airport. Taking this into consideration, where possible, our team designed bespoke LED fittings to replace the outdated and inefficient bulbs and filaments, whilst retaining the existing fittings.

Our teams also had the task of safely negotiating an environment that was open 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Over the course of the two years they installed over 5,000 fittings.


Replacing the traditional fluorescent/halogen lights has enhanced all areas of the airport and saved an average of 70% on energy usage.

The addition of Photocells in daylight affected environments has meant that lights are no longer required over a 24 hour period, further reducing energy usage and helping the airport achieve their carbon reduction targets.