Court Lane Junior School, Portsmouth

Court Lane Junior School is situated in Cosham, Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast and is one of the largest junior schools in the area. As part of an ongoing modernisation and upgrade of the school, we were invited to tender for replacing the existing inefficient lighting fittings with a more environmentally friendly and cost effective LED solution. 

A trial run was agreed in the first instance, with an installation of direct replacement LED lights carried out in one of the worst affected classrooms for light. The initial reactions from the teachers and pupils alike was very positive, with no negative effects reported.

The full installation consisted of replacing modular fittings and traditional fluorescent tubes across the entire school.

Andy Macfarlane the schools ICT & Facilities manager was very pleased with the installation programme and said “QE Global understood the way things are done in schools and were happy to go that extra mile to help and accommodate with any requests we made.”


The lighting in the school library had not been replaced for a number of years and the specific fittings were no longer available. Our solution was to replace the fittings with ceiling mounted square light panels. Initially the school’s ICT & Facilities manager had reservations about the office style lighting, but once installed, he was very impressed with the cleaner light, greatly improving the environment.


The replacement of the traditional fluorescent tubes has enhanced all areas and departments in the school. The brighter white light with no flicker is easier on the eye, improving the learning environment.

The entire installation was carried out by our approved installer PML, and took just one week to complete – on time and within budget.