CL50 - Dueldim

CL50 - Dueldim

The CL50 driver is designed to provide power for high-brightness LEDs from a mains supply. The power factor corrected, class II driver has fully-isolated SELV output delivering up to 50W of cool power with optional Analogue and DALI Dimming.


It has the ability to dim to 5% of maximum output ensuring industry leading efficiency for a long life.

Technical specs: 

Input voltage
220V to 240Vac RMS nominal

40W | 45W | 48W | 50W


Operating temperatures
-25˚C to +50˚C | -13˚F to +122˚F (humidity 15% to 95% non-condensing)

Integral ‘B’ type: 170mm x 33mm x 49.5mm | Remote ‘C’ type: 203.8mm x 33mm x 49.5mm

Main materials


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