About us


Question Everything


Established with a desire for improvement, our brand drives innovation and inspires imaginative ways of working with one simple ethos: To question everything until the impossible becomes achievable.


Our forward thinking, dedication to design and pushing technology boundaries has earned us global recognition as a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of LED
lighting technology.


A Global name with a Global reputation



Pioneers of product design our early projects began in 1998 with the building and retail sectors. Our success soon lead to the launch of QE Global in 2003, in partnership with CL2 International (Hong Kong), where we invested, developed and tested our first LED lights – engineering unique components to enhance our competitive product range.


Demand for a fully dedicated support system in the Far East led to CL2 International Ltd
becoming QE Global Hong Kong Ltd in 2008. A brand union which ensures more direct control over quality and product development.


Operating globally with a reputation for service excellence and innovation worldwide today, we continue to question everything to deliver product-leading technology.


Energy saving

We’re committed to increasing energy efficiency for your organisation – from industry-first
product innovation (our T8S tubes) to clever energy-saving work-arounds (our warehouse PIR sensor case study).


With our reputation for producing the highest standard energy efficient products, combined with excellent customer care, we’re here to:

  • Continuously develop, expand and enhance our range of products and services, whilst maintaining our rigorous quality control processes.
  • Help you achieve your environmental objectives efficiently with a successful return on investment for your business.





Innovative by design

Unique in design, our exclusive product range is unrivalled in energy efficiencies and
technological features you won’t find available through comparable competitors – For example our stable LED lights output 30% greater brightness over their lifespan compared to established competitors (see graph opposite).


We’re dedicated to developing and improving our products, continuously exploring new
technologies to increase efficiencies, life-span and working environment capabilities.

Revolutionary design - longer life, reduced voltage

With our innovative lighting control gears we achieve a greater power
efficiency and actively reduce voltage. Using a filtered process, current to the LEDs are effectively reduced. Not only will this save energy – it increases the life-span of the product and improves consumption stability and colour brightness. 


Grade A Materials

Your safety is paramount and we
support the rigorous regulations set out by CE and UL. That’s why we only use medical grade optical isolators (designed to prevent electrical shocks) for our lighting products. These are uniquely engineered into our lighting control gears to maximise safety.


Quality you can trust

Our quality control department select only grade A LEDs that are +/- 50 kelvins (the industry standard is
approximately +/- 500 kelvins), ensuring colour uniformity on each and every light. This allows us to run our lights at a lower output without affecting the light strength, saving energy and improving the life-span. For example our QET8 Tube runs 10% brighter than an equivalent standard fluorescent tube.

All of our exterior lights are built using lab-tested, high-grade aluminium casts designed to maximise longevity and cope with extreme weather

The results: Less down-time, less stress, less maintenance, more savings.

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LED light degradation graph

This graph illustrates how all LED products begin life outputting light at 100%, increasing briefly to 110% as the LED’s bed-in, then degrading over the life-span.


Competitor products

The industry standard will accept LED light degradation of up to 76% at 6,000 hours of operation, degrading to 49% at 50,000 hours.


QE Global products

Our superior LEDs only degrade to 89% at 10,000 hours of operation, degrading to 85% at 50,000 hours – A loss of only 15% light output over the life-span.