Taking the lead in LED Technology

We’re serious about sustainability. It’s our specialism. As a leading UK designer, developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technology – creating energy efficiency solutions for your business is our business.

So much of our working lives and the running of our 24-hour-a-day world depend on a clean and safe supply of light. Simply speaking, we’re here to enhance your lit environments,
delivering efficient LED solutions from design to installation.

Generating light is expensive and uses a lot of energy. Traditional incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient as a technology, converting only 10% of their energy into light, the rest lost as heat. LEDs generate light in a completely different and are up to 10x more efficient, delivering
undeniable long-term benefits – That’s why we’re here to ensure you achieve your
environmental objectives and a realistic return on your investment.


We create, build and supply unique products with your specific needs in mind. Offering
competitive energy efficient LED lighting products – from spot light to street light –  that add value to your organisation.

We also pride ourselves on our global reputation for innovation. For producing the highest quality products combined with providing excellent service for you and your customers.

Leasing is available on all our products over a 3 to 5 year period resulting in instant savings. In most cases the monthly leasing payment works out to be less than the monthly saving on energy, following traditional product replacement.


Learn more about how our LED technology can help/transform your organisation, contact our team on +44(0)203 1740 316 or enquiries@qeglobal.com



So far this year...

Our customers have saved (£)


Maintenance costs have reduced by (£)


Kilowatt usage has reduced by (kw)


Co2 emissions have reduced by (kgs)


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